Inspiring Lifelong Learners ®


At Whole Life Learning Center, we know the power of inspiration – and we know every child has it. With the perfect balance of academic rigor with social and emotional development, steeped in a context of inspired learning, Whole Life Learners are set for success.


Success for us is not defined by test scores. Success for our learners is seeing them grow as whole people: people who work diligently, feel deeply, think expansively, do justly, and collaborate generously – people who can engage the world in any way they choose, making it a better place for all.

Holistic Foundation

Holistic is not a buzzword for us; it’s our foundation. Rather than compartmentalizing each subject, we build cross-curricular connections. This is accomplished through exciting project based and thematic learning: creative, kinesthetic, and collaborative.

Our Holistic Approach

Holistic education is based on the idea that each person finds identity, meaning, and purpose through community connections, explorations in the natural world, and through values such as peace and compassion. Holistic education aims to foster an intrinsic reverence for life and a passion for learning. This isn’t simply done through an academic curriculum, but through healthy relationships (social-emotional learning), and direct engagement with the environment, calling forth wonder and curiosity.   

At Whole Life Learning Center, we nurture genius. We develop thinkers who innovate, children who express compassion, and learners who explore and engage. We cultivate a natural love of learning, and a desire to make the world a better place. 

Our mission is to inspire lifelong learners, creative change-makers, and conscientious leaders for a more equitable, just, and sustainable world.

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