Our Kindergarten Through 8th Grade Program

Holistic Education in Austin, Texas

The “holistic” approach to education is nothing new. In 1762, Jean Jacques Rousseau wrote, “Nature provides for the child’s growth in her own way and this should never be thwarted…” Great humanistic thinkers and educators through the centuries (Pestalozzi, Tolstoy, Montessori) have espoused this same ideal, honoring the natural development of the child, rather than a superficially imposed curriculum.

As standardized curriculum and testing are becoming more and more ubiquitous in our modern educational system, the time has never been more critical to grow and develop alternatives that can truly meet the evolving needs of our culture and society: learners who know how to learn, who think creatively and with innovation – learners empowered to problem solve with cooperation and deep care.

Our holistic approach to education puts the child first; our curriculum energizes Learners by interweaving their interests and their inspirations. It’s never canned learning.

The Daily Rhythm

We circle every morning for song and connection, and the reading of a weekly inspiring quote. Then it’s off to morning movement: a rotation of cooperative games, yoga, and rhythm gym. After a break it’s our morning work cycle, engaging academics through project based learning, thematic units, and kinesthetic exploration of math, science, language arts, and social studies.

Whole Life Learning

On Thursdays, learners work with Mentors to create HeartMaps and Learning Plans that blends their physical, intellectual (academic), emotional and spiritual development: a truly holistic approach to education. Within a context of inspiration and collaboration, Whole Life Learners are supported in cultivating their unique gifts and sharing them with the world – the kind of education that lasts a lifetime.

Social Emotional Development

Our Mentors prioritize and attend to each child’s social and emotional development. Through kinesthetic processes, modeling, and a close-knit learning community, learners develop self-awareness, confidence, trust, responsibility, empathy, and kindness. Our Mentors, Learners and community, practice constructively resolving conflicts with positive, non-violent communication.

Program Times | Monday-Friday

Early drop-off starts at 8:30am

Jades (K-1): 9:00-3:15
Sapphires (2-3): 9:00-3:30
Amethysts (4-5): 9:00-3:45
Opals (6-8): 9:00-3:45
Aftercare goes until 5:30pm