Our Campus

Situated on just under 2 acres in South Austin, our campus reflects OUR MISSION: to inspire lifelong learners, creative change-makers, and conscientious leaders for a more equitable, just, and sustainable world.

Our campus is a living classroom that grows and evolves as the students play and explore. We have about .5 acres that is known as the Food Forest that serves as an outdoor classroom. It is here that you can find circles of students checking in each morning and afternoon, working on nature crafts, and enjoying their lunch on the cob bench made by our adult permaculture design students.

City of Austin Office of Sustainability Bright Green Future Grant Project

Thanks to the Bright Green Future grant in 2017 from the city of Austin Office of Sustainability, we have a beautiful pond with a fountain that runs on solar energy. In 2018, we were awarded another Bright Green Futures Grant  to start a small-scale plant nursery that will benefit and inspire the student’s project-based learning.

Children foster relationships with chickens and our three goats, Kiwi, Esme, and Shylo, while learning about the responsibility needed to care for them. The goats take walks daily as a part of the middle school daily care. Middle school students also collect, wash and sell the chicken’s eggs to raise money for their organic feed. Through their relationship with these animals, students foster compassion, empathy and respect for living creatures.

During Eco-Studies class we follow EcoRise, a project-based environmental curriculum. Each year students explore areas of sustainability related to our local community and our campus. Students work together to find an area where we can improve sustainability on our campus, create a solution, apply for a grant to fund the project through EcoRise and implement the project. Together we keep learning and making our campus more beautiful and sustainable.