Camp Indigo 2024 Summer Camp

Join us for our 23rd Year of Magic and Growth!


Mark Your Calendars!

Get ready for two weeks of unforgettable fun and learning

Week 1: June 10th - June 14th

Week 2: June 17th - June 21st

About Camp Indigo

Entering its 23rd year, Camp Indigo is more than a summer camp. It’s a vibrant journey for children aged 4-12, offering a platform to express themselves, explore their world, and celebrate the magic of childhood. We focus on nurturing social-emotional skills, emphasizing compassion, respect, and building confidence through a rich tapestry of activities


Activities at Camp Indigo spark curiosity and creativity. From music to gardening, each day is packed with opportunities to learn, create, and grow.

A Summer Like No Other

At Camp Indigo, confidence blooms as children engage in inspiring and challenging activities, crafting an environment where skills in communication, creativity, and more flourish. All of this unfolds in our supportive backdrop, where respect grows organically. We diligently nurture a community where every child is valued and heard, ensuring a vibrant transformation at every turn.

Ready to Join the Magic of Camp Indigo?

Secure your child’s place in our enriching summer program. For any questions or additional information, our team is here to help!